Miranda Coleman

Mother of Caleb Coleman

March 6, 2017

My Toddler loves the staff, they make it so easy. Caleb actually looks forward to appointments at GentleCare! We have been fortunate to start our son's Dentistry here- when we PCS in 2018, the bar will be pretty high for other offices off island.

Thank you for being so great!

Ellen Mae Cruz Garcia

December 9, 2016

I'm usually super nervous when I'm at a dental clinic but this clinic suits the name, GentleCare. They made sure I was okay and made it as painless as possible. I love Dr. Sule!! He's the coolest!

Delyn Wengu Dois

May 22, 2016

My regular dentist was off-island and I was having a very bad toothache. I was able to be treated as a walk-in client. The staff and Dr. Sule have great service. They are knowledgeable, caring, and very friendly! I appreciated what they did for me and how they treated me. I sure will be bringing my family here and give good reviews to other friends and family!

Bibblesworth Smyth

January 22, 2015

Hugh Sule is by far the best Dentist on Guam. Friendly, Knowledgable staff helped to make the experience as pleasant as it could possibly be. The Painless recovery was a plus as well.

Carl Pajaro

October 8, 2014

I went in to get my teeth cleaned and had some fillings done. Very Professional and Gentle! The staff was knowledgeable and friendly!

Agnes David

September 29, 2014

Love it!!!

Ronald Brigman

Who is the best dentist on Guam? Doctor Sule from Gentle Care Dental in Tamuning gets my vote. Most of my adult life I have been very reluctant to smile. Most people assumed that I was a self absorbed jerk. This problem prevented me from communicating directly with customers and also caused me to have pretty low self-esteem. A major portion of the problem was my horrible looking teeth and associated bad breath.

A close friend of mine pushed me to visit Doctor Sule and Gentle Care Dental. Even though I was reluctant due to the cost; I made an appointment just to get my friend to stop insisting. The first thing I learned was; My problems could be fixed. However the cost was more than I could afford and I had no insurance at all. This is the good part: they were actually willing to work with me on the payment. They found a way that made sense for me financially. So, I moved forward.

It turned out that I needed to catch a flight out of Guam on a very short notice. Doctor Sule and his team accommodated me again. They actually worked after hours in a marathon effort to fit my needs. So far, this is very impressive; but the story gets far better (at least in my assessment). Seven teeth prepared for crowns and fitted with temps (that looked good by the way), a major extraction, some laser treatment on my gums and 2 or 3 fillings replacements. All of this in one sitting with no Complications! This is not normal for me. Dental work usually never ends when I exit the chair. There always seems to be "something" additional to be done and some pretty harsh pain. Not this time.

Ten days later upon returning to Guam, the new crowns were available for fitting. This was done quite quickly with no pain at all. Now I like the way my smile looks and I try to use it whenever I get the chance.

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Dr. David L. Gugin

Assistant Professor of English (September 16, 2010)

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of the laser treatment program at Dr. Hugh Sule's GentleCare Dental Service. I was suffering from periodontitis, advanced gum disease, and my prognosis was not good. In fact, I eventually had to have upper dentures. I thought I would need lower dentures as well, until Dr. Sule recommended that I try the laser treatment instead.

I am happy that he made the recommendation and that I followed his advice. The treatment itself was essentially pain-free, certainly mush painless than standard surgery, root canals, ad tooth extractions. I experienced some heightened sensitivity to food and liquid for about two weeks after the surgery, but no discomfort since. I also was able to keep my own lower teeth thus avoid that set of denture. I feel better physically, I smile more, and my all-around quality-of-life is greater than it was before the treatment. Just as importantly, I ended up paying less money than I would under traditional surgeries.

In short, I would recommend the laser-treatment at GentleCare for any qualified patient, At the very least, I think any such patient should consider laser treatment as an excellent alternative to gum surgery. Dr. Sule is trained and certified in the procedure and knows what he is doing. Laser treatment certainly worked for me.

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James Williams

My name is James Williams. I am a 64 year old out of work school teacher, seeking reemployment at this time. I had a stroke in 2009 which has affected my left leg and my ability to walk normally. In 2010 I had an automobile accident that totally wrecked my car and crushed and bloke my left upper arm bone. The injury was so severe that a permanent metal plate had to be surgically attached to the bone in order for it to heal. Recovering front the stroke took a substantial amount of time, and the broken arm, along with the necessary surgery, considerably increased the amount of time I would spend recovering.

By 2012 I had run out of money to pay rent and was forced to move from my apartment in Tamuning. I was forced to store my furniture and my personal belongings at at acquaintance's place in Dededo, where not long after doing so; they began to sell off everything I owned, without my knowledge or consent. Being in the position of living in my car on the street, there was nothing I could do about it.

My teaching certification had expired and it was necessary for me to go back to school and take 6 hours more credit in education courses to get re-certified to teach again. This presented an obstacle for me, which because of my situation of being homeless and unemployed, made things that much more difficult. I had searched for part time jobs, but given my age, my disability, and limited resources, I had no luck finding one. In older to eat and buy gasoline, and to go to UOG and attend classes, I began selling the newspaper on the corner for PDN. My income each day would be about $20 cash. I wasn't paying any social security or income tax, because I didn't receive a pay check and worked under a contract basis, so my existence was marginal at best.

Needless to say, my life needed improvement in many areas. My general health and nutrition wasn't good, I ate one meal a day at Kamalan Karadat, the homeless kitchen in Agana, and stayed in Agana Park in my automobile. I had a garden hose I carried in the trunk of my car I would use to take a shower each day wherever I could find some spot that was not observable from the street, and had to budget my limited income in order to keep clean clothes to wear each day. To add to the indignity of being homeless and a marginalized person, I was beaten up and robbed of what little cash I had in my pocket, which served to remind me, that besides being humiliating, just how dangerous my lifestyle had become.

No matter how I viewed my situation, I had a long way to go, to get from where I was, to some other, acceptable, and safer way of existing. One major obstacle I was aware of, that needed addressing, was my personal appearance, the way I looked, and the way I felt about myself. I only had six bottom front teeth, and wore a partial plate for my bottom teeth, and a full prosthetic plate for my upper teeth. I had lost the bottom partial because of a lost tooth, and an inability for it to fit and be of any use any longer. My upper plate had been dropped so many times that the teeth in front were broken, and sharp pointed looking, and the plate had been chipped so that it didn't fit and wouldn't stay in place securely enough to allow me to eat properly, or simply keep it in place for any length of time.

My teeth, or lack thereof, was a serious issue for me, because it affected the way I looked, and as a result, exacerbated my low self esteem, and my helplessness. I knew the cost of having the problem fixed, and with my income being what it was, and with nothing coming up on the horizon, I had to accept the fact that any endeavor to remedy this problem, would have to wait a long time. Of course this wasn't my only problem at this time, because I was homeless, but it was something that needed immediate attention, and something I was powerless to do anything about on my own, or through Public Health or any help agencies.

One morning, while selling the newspaper and walking up the median to approach the traffic waiting at the light on Airport Road, a man waived for me to come over and sell him a paper, I presumed. The man was Dr. Sule, and he told me he didn't need a paper, but that he could help me with my teeth, for free, at no cost to me. He handed me his card and told me to come by his office to see him, and repeated once more to me, "It won't cost you anything; I'll do it for free." I was completely amazed and dumbfounded by his selfless and generous offer, and couldn't help but wonder if he knew what he was getting into, with my mouth full of troublesome, wrecked, and missing denture plates.

I told a friend what happened to me that morning, and the offer Dr. Sule had made. I related to him that I was overwhelmed by the offer and was sort of in a state of shock concerning the whole encounter, because it was something that i could only wish for, and not expected in my wildest dreams. As I told him about it and how amazed I was, I said, "This is a very humbling experience for me, and I really still don't know whether I can believe it or not, but I am going to go to Dr. Sule's office as he requested and see what happens." He told me, "Man that is more than amazing, that's a miracle.". Whether it was a miracle or not, I can't say, but the prospect of getting new teeth, was nothing short of heaven sent for me, and something I wasn't going to question or ignore.

The following Monday, I went by Dr. Sule's office at Gentle Care Dental Associates in Tamuning, and he told his office personnel to make me an appointment for the next week. I came in for my appointment the next week and Dr. Sule discussed a dental plan with me, did x-rays of my mouth, and filled the several teeth I had on my lower jaw that needed filling. Although there was no cost for my treatment and fillings, he and his staff treated me as if I was a paying customer, and I wasn't made to feel in any way as if I was someone there receiving a handout. He told his staff to schedule me another appointment for the next week to get impressions done for my lower plate so they could proceed to make those teeth for me. The next week the impressions were taken for my lower teeth and I was once again scheduled to fit the teeth and make adjustments to them. Another appointment was made to take impressions for the upper plate, and after that was done, there was another two appointments that followed, to get my teeth adjusted and fit correctly in my mouth.

The end result is that I have a new set of dentures and my remaining bottom teeth saved from cavities they had working on them. That in itself is saying a mouthful, considering all the work that was done, the time he and his associates spent on my treatment, making my teeth, and insuring they fit properly and were comfortable for me. I knew the whole bill for fillings, impressions, and making the dentures would be expensive beyond my means, and everything all totaled was about what I expected it would be, right within $100 of being $5,000 totaled expenses.

Besides having new teeth, being able to chew food properly, and a much better realized way of feeling about my appearance, my self confidence and self esteem has risen exponentially, surpassing my own expectations. I completed my courses at UOG for recertification as a teacher. I found a new part time job, and am continuing taking graduate courses at this time for a Masters Degree in Counseling. The Salvation Army is helping me at this time to pay rent, so I am no longer homeless, and living in my car. My general health and my outlook on life has improved since I got my new teeth. I have not felt as healthy as I do today in the past three years. This is nothing short of a miracle to me, because at my age, I can't help but think, "It's all down hill from here.". Apparently not so, I have made some sort of turn-around, and I cannot thank Dr. Sule enough for making that a reality for me.

A plan without action is just a wish. Dr. Sule provided the action that made a wish, and not just one wish, but several, become true for me. I wear my teeth proudly and cannot forget just how I came by them. The thought puts a smile on my face, and one that I am proud and happy to wear. Sometimes someone can do a kind and selfless act for another person, because they see a need there, and they step up and do something about it. They may or may not consider the good they may do for a person beyond doing a good deed where they saw one was needed. In appreciation for what Dr. Sule has done for me, I have to say that the monetary value of his generosity, is exceptional. To be perfectly truthful and honest, I would have spent, had I had the money, much more than the cost of $5,000, to feel as good as I do today, because of what he did for me. I am truly grateful to Dr. Sule for helping me. I was just a down and out guy selling the newspaper to put food in my mouth, and not expecting anything from anyone, ever, that has helped me as much as he did in so many ways I can't relate them all. You can't put a price on how you feel about yourself, you can't buy it with money, but someone can "give you hope", through their actions that show you they care, and somehow, that's a down payment for my future, and the self confidence I need to realize it.

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Sharon M. Hyche

Mother of Katlynn Lawson

Our experience with Dr. Sule and his wonderful staff has been way more fulfilling than we could ever expect. This experience has given my daughter something to SMILE about. Her self-esteem has gone through the roof. I would like thank everyone for give my daughter her SMILE back.